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Genealogy.ph is a free online guide to Philippines Genealogy.

It is not always easy to trace ones ancestors and complete a family tree of many generations in the Philippines. To that end, our goal is to make genealogy research as quick and simple as possible by providing as many resources and as much information as we can find. If it relates to Family Trees, Ancestry, Genealogy in the Philippines, it has a place here.

Our guide covers everything from family tree websites through to genealogy software and online databases. The guide may be searched by keyword and also browsed by category. Each resource listed may be reviewed and commented upon to assist others researching their family tree. Within the categories you will also find relevant articles, information and reference material focused on the topic of that category.

A Genealogy Forum is also being built to provide a place for both budding and experienced genealogists to discuss and share information, provide assistance and chat about all that is Genealogy.

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