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Genealogy by it’s very nature can be difficult at times, but even more so in the Philippines. With so many records not yet transcribed into electronic format, the introduction of surnames in the 1900’s, lost records, changing names, genealogy websites no longer available online, sorting fact from fiction.. It can be an arduos task.

Our goal here at is to provide as much free information relating to genealogy in the Philippines as possible. Every resource, every bit of information we can find, all to make life easier and simpler for anyone looking to add to their family tree. To do this though we need you help.

If you know of any resources, websites or information relating to Genealogy in he Philippines, please let us know. If it’s a website you can use the Suggest Listing at the base of each page to add it to our guide. If it’s information or an article you want to contribute, use the contact form at the base of each page.

Together we can build the largest free resource guide for Philippines Genealogy.