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1.1 What is is the online guide to all Philippines related Genealogy resources. is hand edited, so you’ll only find information and websites here that are on topic and relevant to genealogy. Whilst our focus is Philippines genealogy, we have added international resources for those that need to look further afield than the Philippines.


1.2 How do I use

Using to find the website or information you’re after is easy. Enter a keyword that describes what you are looking for into the search box, then click the search button. An advanced search is available allowing you to search using more factors.

You may also browse the directory by category, which provides ready access to information and articles related to the category, as well as website listings.

** Coming Soon ** A Genealogy Forum allows you to discuss Genealogy and everything related with other Genealogists around the world. A seperate FAQ is available in the forum with detailed information on how to participate.


2.1 How can I have my web site listed on

If your Philippines Genealogy website is not already listed on, click a Suggest Listing link at the base of the page and complete the form. Please note that you will need to register as a Member before submitting your website, as Membership (free) provides you with the ability to update and edit your listing as required.

2.2 How do I update my website?

If you submitted the listing yourself, login to the members area and select the listing to edit.

If you did not submit the listing, you’ll first need to become a registered member of Once you are a member, contact us and provide details of the website listing you wish to update. Once verified, we shall provide you with access to update and manage the listing.

2.3 Is it really free?

Yes it is really free! We believe that a true guide should be inclusive of all relative websites providing quality information and not just for those that are willing to pay for the privilege of a listing. What’s the catch? There is none. Your details are used solely to provide you with the listing on

2.4 How can I have my website removed?

If you would like your website removed from, please contact us using the contact form.


3.1 The Help section did not answer my questions.. What can I do?

Please contact us using the contact form, and we will endeavour to respond quickly to your query.